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Wonka (Home Theater Review)

Willy Wonka – chock-full of ideas and determined to change the world one delectable bite at a time – is proof that the best things in life begin with a dream, and if you’re lucky enough to meet Willy Wonka, anything is possible.

Video Review

This was a 4K movie and even though it was streamed it still looked really good. I'm looking forward to viewing the UHD disk to see if there is a difference with the HDR applied to it.

Sound Review

This was a streamed movie from the Google Store, I could only get 5.1 sound. So I was unable to experience Dobly Atmos or true surround sound. So at this point, I cannot give a top sound rating until I experience the sound of this movie the way it was intended.

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Movie Review Ratings

  • Video Format:

    Streaming Platform
  • Speaker Arrangement:

  • Audio Format:

    Dolby Digital
  • Video Rating:

    bd four star

  • Surround Sound Rating:

    bd three star

  • Home Theater Rating:

    bd three star


Movie Details

  • Directors

    Paul King
  • Runtime

    1h 57m
  • Country

  • Release Date

    December 15, 2023
  • Age Rating


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