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Ready Player One (Home Theater Review)

A better reality awaits.

Video Review

This movie was reviewed in 4k UHD so the image was incredible. All of the color recreation of the HDR content was spot on and great as expected. There was just the right amount of film grain and even though the image was crystal clear, the movie never looked fake. Now add the Hue Play Lights behind the display that sync with the picture and you have a true home theater immersive experience!

Sound Review

This movie is the perfect example of correct Dolby Atmos implementation. The first racing scene stands as the go to demo for home theater entusiasts of all levels. It's truly that great! Now, even though I'm pretty sure this movie's sound wasn't created with bass shakers/transducers, in mind; the bass placements are superb. Using them throughout this movie takes the home theater experience to a whole other level.

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Movie Review Ratings

  • Video Format:

    4k UHD
  • Speaker Arrangement:

  • Audio Format:

    Dolby Atmos
  • Video Rating:

    bd five star

  • Surround Sound Rating:

    bd five star

  • Home Theater Rating:

    bd five star


Movie Details

  • Directors

    Steven Spielberg
  • Writers

    Zak Penn
  • Runtime

    2h 20m
  • Country

  • Release Date

    March 29, 2018
  • Age Rating



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